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For beginners and for those who have basic knowledge in Frontend
The hybrid training format allows you to combine the course with study and work
For whom?

Frontend Course Mentor

Talgat Saribayev
Has 10+ years of experience in Frontend development
Full-stack software developer
Ex-Senior Developer (Contract) in Google
Experience working with React.js, Ruby, Go, Node.js
Why Frontend Development?
The ability to work remotely with a flexible schedule
Frontend developers can easily perform duties from anywhere in the world and at a time convenient for them.
High demand for specialists
A strong frontend developer clearly understands how the web works, knows how to dig deep, choose between an ideal and a quick solution.
High salary and fast growth
The salaries of Frontend developers directly depend on the level of the position. The median is 350 thousand tenge, and the highest salary is 1.6 million tenge.
Sounds interesting?
We can advise you and answer all your questions.

How the course is conducted?

Hybrid learning
Lectures on the basics of programming from scratch with a top-end engine, as well as learn practical skills and subtleties of android development
Stepik Platform
In addition to live lectures, we have posted the entire theoretical base on modules, lesson recordings, as well as practical tasks on this platform
To fully immerse yourself in IT, we organize hackathons where you will work with Backend developers, DevOps engineers and solve real problems in practice
Internal hackathons

In 7 months
You will learn how to:

Interact with other developers
such as Backend developers, DevOps engineers
Working with the API
working with React.js
Projects in the portfolio
Create websites using the popular React framework
Writing code efficiently in Javascript
The basics of HTML, CSS
adaptive and cross-browser layout
learn how to study its main functions and features

The course program:
7 months of intensive training

120 hours of theory - 30 weeks
Classes are held twice a week.
(The exact schedule will come from the desire of the students).

After each lesson, there are practical tasks to practice new skills. For comfortable learning, you will need 12-15 hours a week for lectures and homework.
  • Introduction to JS part1: variables, primitives and objects
  • Introduction to JS part2: functions and scope
  • Arrays
  • Loops and iterations
  • Objects
  • Properties and methods
  • Functions
  • Context, arrow functions and function as an object
  • Recursion, stack, rest and spread
  • Variable scope, closure and context
  • Introduction to Typescript
  • Typescript debugging and compiling
  • OOP, FP and PP
  • Classes in JS
  • Miscellaneous: Error handling, try..catch
  • Miscellaneous: Modules. Import and export packages
  • Introduction to async
  • Introduction to async 2: timers(setTimeout and setIntervall)
  • Async in JS: Callbacks, promises and generators
  • Async in JS: Promise api, async/await
  • Fetch API
  • Handle Request and Response
  • HTTP and Rest API
  • Working with a remote server, CORS
  • Students' presentations: package managers, testing libs
  • Students' presentations: css and libs, helpers

Our prices and formats

Choose the most appropriate format and rate for training
  • Access to the platform, tasks and community
  • 7 months
250 000 kzt
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Offline Bootcamp
  • Access to the platform, tasks and community
  • Live offline lectures with a mentor - 2 times a week
  • Checking code and projects with a mentor - 1 time per week
  • Offline co-working - 24/7 and access to classrooms, play area, kitchen, parking
  • Preparation and assistance for employment
  • 7 months
600 000 kzt
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Online Bootcamp
  • Access to the platform, tasks and community
  • Live online lectures with a mentor and recordings - 2 times a week
  • Checking code and projects with a mentor - 1 time per week
  • 7 months
500 000 kzt
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  • Guarantee of refund
    If you change your mind about studying, we will refund the full amount within the first two weeks after purchase.
  • Start learning now, pay later
    You can arrange it in installments, there are discounts of up to 20% for employees and our partners.
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