DevOps engineer

✓ Become a junior DevOps engineer in 6 months
✓ Intensive training with an emphasis on practice
✓ Assistance with employment after graduation
The nearest start date of the course is July-August
This course is designed for learning from scratch
The hybrid training format allows you to combine the course with study and work
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DevOps Mentor

Smagul Negmatov
Has 9+ years of experience in IT
Work experience in large companies
Worked as a leading programmer and project manager at Alfa Bank and Sberbank
Why DevOps Engineer?
The ability to work remotely with a flexible schedule
Master the current technology stack, get acquainted with the best practices of leading companies and become a specialist in the world of development.
High demand for specialists
A strong DevOps engineer clearly understands how the web works, knows how to dig deep, choose between an ideal and a quick solution.
High salary and fast growth
The salaries of Swift developers directly depend on the level of the position. The median is 353 thousand tenge, and the highest salary is 1.6 million tenge.
Sounds interesting?
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How the course is conducted?

In 6 months
You will learn how to:

Configure the continuous delivery of code
using the Gitlab CI/CD and/or Github Actions
Administer Linux servers
working with cloud services
Implementation of knowledge to real projects
like Microsoft Azure
Study how to work with services
Learn the basics of coding on a Python
build a projects on the ground of Fast API
using the Systemd, Prometheus, Grafana
teach the fundamentals of using Linux and Nginx
Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins
Hybrid learning
Live lectures on the basics of programming from scratch with a top mentor, as well as learn practical skills and subtleties of web development.
Learning Platform
We teach on the basis of LMS,
and you will need to push some tasks to Github.
You also have access to records of past assignments.
A platform where you can ask questions and get answers from mentors.
There is also a closed community of our graduates, where you can try out interviews and vacancies.
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The course program:
6 months of intensive training

104 academic hours - 26 weeks.
Classes are held 2 times a week.

After each lesson, there are practical tasks to practice new skills.
For comfortable learning, you will need 4-6 hours a week for lectures and homework.
DevOps Engineer Program
the course lasts 6 month

Our prices and formats

Bootcamp format
  • Access to the platform, tasks and community
  • Live offline lectures with a mentor - 2 times a week
  • Checking code and projects with a mentor - 1 time per week
  • Offline co-working - 24/7 and access to classrooms, play area, kitchen, parking
  • Preparation and assistance for employment
  • 6 months
600 000 kzt

You can study for free under

the Tech Orda program

Pass the selection on the Astana Hub portal and get the opportunity to study for free at the Jusan Singularity IT school:

  • a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 18 to 45 years old
  • undergo a free intensive
  • interview with a mentor

Selection criteria for the Tech Orda grant

  • Screening of candidates' resumes
    basic knowledge of programming, git, working with the command line, databases and HTTP

  • Passing the intensive course
    free 2-week intensive
    course with homework in the form
    of projects /tests with a deadline

  • Interview with the mentor
    Motivation to study programming and the desire to become an IT specialist in the future
Registration for the course
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